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Putting the "Care" back in Medical Care!

Remember the Days When...
• You chose your personal physician based on professional reputation. . . not from an insurance list of unknown doctors.
• Your physician knew you and your family well. . . you were greeted in the office like a family friend.
• Your physician had time to answer all of your medical questions.
• No matter what time of day or night, your physician was no further away than a phone call.
• Your physician would make a “house call" if you were too ill to come to the office.

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The Harsh Reality of HMO's and "Managed Care"....
• Unable to get an appointment with your physician when you are ill.
• Medical care provided by “ Physician Extenders”.
• Needing to “fight' for a referral to a specialist.
• Physicians so overwhelmed that they are unable to spend time with their patients.
• Calling the office and either listening to confusing menu options, or being placed on indefinite hold.
• Endless, disrespectful waiting beyond your appointment time.
• Delays in treatment for physician financial

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